Ride Safety with these Best Bike Helmets

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You’ve almost certainly seen a bike helmet at some point in your life. However, many people do not realize the need to wear a bike helmet until later in life. Believe me when I say that you should wear a helmet if you ever ride on a bike because it could save your life. Did you know that head injuries account for over 75% of all deaths caused by bicycle accidents each year? Furthermore, wearing a helmet reduces your risk of suffering a severe brain injury by 70%. As a result, you want to get it right while buying a bicycle helmet.

1. Cairbull MTB Helmet X-Tracer

Helmet head circumference is 58-62 cm long and adjustable. Red- slightly red-orange (not pure red) is the only color available. Impact-resistant, absorbent EPS + PC composite provides all-around protection. It sports an adjustable sun visor with a rapid release system to reduce the danger of injury. The ventilation apertures are very breathable, ensuring that you are comfortable while wearing them. The inner is made of high-density EPS, which is both sweat-absorbent and shockproof. This helmet is unquestionably an excellent companion for cycling, trekking, and hiking.

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2. Spyder Helix Mountain Bike Helmet

Spyder Stump Cycling Helmets meet CE EN1078 safety requirements. Mold Technology and Light Weight Shell are Pro-Race. Megaflo Cooling System with Sweatshop Washable Liners is included. Quick fit Retention System is also included. With 280 grams, the size can fit up to Large 58-63cm and Medium 53-58cm.

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3. Lueaspy Professional Road Mountain Bike Helmet 

100% brand new and of excellent quality. The Frontier design significantly reduces wind resistance with diluted EPS material, giving you the same feeling like the wind. It has a PC strong shell to keep your head safe during the hundreds of kilometers of travel. It includes a soft and comfy removable breathable sponge inner that will let you say goodbye to the scorching weather.

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4. Chaser Ultralight Bicycle Cycling Sport Mountain Bike

The helmet is comprised of an ABS shell with a dial that may be adjusted. It is ideal for teenagers and adults. It’s light and engineered to take a beating. It has a PP crust shell and an EPS lining, as well as ventilation. The circumference fits heads measuring 53 cm to 63 cm and is quite comfortable to wear thanks to the chin locks. It provides safety protection for activities such as riding, skateboarding, scooting, and other action sports. Size of available item: 26 cm (l) x 21 cm (w) x 15 cm (h)

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5. Helmo Bike and Sports Helmet

The size is large and adjustable and is made of lightweight Advanced Engineering Plastic. It contains a shock-absorbing EPS inner liner for enhanced protection, as well as a soft and comfy High-density Foam Fabric. It is anatomically built to softly curve around your head for optimum fit and wearing comfort with a washable foam.

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6. U&E Mountain Bike Helmet

The size M weighs 200g, while the size L weighs 220g. M(54-58cm/21.26-22.83in); L(58-62cm/22.83-24.41in) are two sizes (approx.) that are available in nine different colors. The outer shell is composed of In-mold polycarbonate with an EPS liner, and the inner shell is made of Thermoformed reinforced shock-absorbing polystyrene. It boasts an easy-to-turn dial for adjustments and a lightweight fit mechanism. There are 25 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling for ventilation. It contains a removable and washable interior padding made of Coolmax material- COOLMAX internal pads or simply cushioning comfort pads that are utilized on a bigger surface in contact with the head for greater comfort and are detachable for hand washing and anti-allergenic. It has a comfortable fit thanks to the Comfort Liner and Chin Padding.

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Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in the Philippines?

When riding a bicycle in other countries, it’s mandatory to wear a helmet. Unfortunately, there’s no national law requiring the utilization of a helmet when riding a bicycle within the Philippines. Some local governments have made helmet use mandatory. Several cities, including Iloilo, Makati, Marikina, and Quezon city, have passed ordinances requiring the utilization of a bicycle helmet.

Final Thoughts

The vents on riding helmets do not lower their level of safety, but back-head protection is essential if you want to use them while skateboarding. Skateboarding requires back-head protection, which not all bicycle helmets give. Mountain or road bike helmet? These are the sections of a mountain bike helmet that shield the user’s eyes from the sun. Many mountain bikes have visors because riders are likely to get sunburned, whereas road riders can readily use sunglasses. So, a road bike helmet won’t work on a mountain, but a mountain bike helmet would. Some bike helmets are very pricey. However, there are many pricing levels. Just make sure everything you’re buying meets the required standards. Remember that no fee is too costly to secure your protection. Bicycling helmets in the Philippines range from 1450 to 4800 pesos.