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Today, I want to share my list of the best collagen here in the Philippines. These collagens are the best-selling collagen product in the market right now from different store brands. Collagen is one of the best dietary supplements that can help to achieve your skin goals. So, without further ado, Let’s go!

1. Venus Fine White Glutathione

Price: P295 30 capsules
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One of the newest glutathione you can find in the market right now. This Venus Fine White Glutathione has so many good reviews from the consumer because of its very effective glutathione Japan formulation (L-Glutathione- 200mg, Premium Collagen Peptide- 200mg, NAC- 50mg, Vitamin C ( Sodium Ascorbate) – 50mg), that has 500mg formulation per capsule.

2. Frozen Collagen

Price: P25060 Capsules
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This is the most well-known and most rating whitening product in the market as of today. Frozen collagen is made in Thailand and it’s very popular here in the Philippines. It’s very cheap and very effective. It helps you to have brighter and healthy-looking skin.

3. Shiseido Collagen

Price: P900 126 grams powder
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The Collagen is one of the most trusted collagen supplements series in Japan. This product is powder type and can be consumed with your favorite food. The Collagen Powder is made of fish and contains active ingredients including collagen 5,000mg, hyaluronic acid 1mg, Ceramide 600 micrograms.

4. DHC Collagen

Price: P750 360 tablets
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Skin that glows from the inside out. A Japanese beauty supplement that enhances your skin’s natural radiance. Contains oceanic fish collagen, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2; plumps up the complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections; brightens and balances the skin tone; no added coloring agents or fragrances.

5. Neocell Collagen

Price: P995 198 grams powder
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Nourish your inner beauty with our SuperCollagen Powder. As we age, our body’s collagen gets depleted, which can lead to many common signs of aging. But our Super Collagen Powder has been specifically formulated to support your radiant beauty from the inside and promote your body’s own collagen production. Formulated to boost your beauty from the inside out, our hydrolyzed SuperCollagen helps you feed your healthy beauty and enjoy radiant, youthful skin and healthy hair and nails.

6. Meiji Collagen

Price: P1150 196 grams powder
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A food supplement, amino Collagen can do more for the health and appearance of your skin than lotions or creams alone. Daily use will help the skin become softer and smoother, with a better tone and tautness. Wrinkles will begin to disappear, and spots will begin to fade. Problem complexions will be a thing of the past. You will look and feel younger and healthier.

7. Orihiro Collagen

Price: P995 11,000 mg powder
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Collagen with Hyaluron is taken for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. It makes your skin tissue strong thus controls aging and makes you young and healthy. Mix the powder with your everyday food and drink. Collagen is important, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredient, most food is a combination of glucosamine and ceramide to help maintain moisture. Collagen-specific habit keeps various types is vanilla-flavored granules melt easily available to the drink.

8. Daiso Collagen

Price: P185 set for two 30 tablets each pack
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Contains: 2500mg Gymnema Sylvestre – Has been used for thousands of years as an herbal treatment for diabetes. It has the ability to block the absorption of glucose from the intestines and helps to reduce cravings for sugar. 40mg of Red Pepper – Have a mild thermogenic action that increases our metabolism without increasing our heart rate and blood pressure like the hot peppers do and can effectively burn calories.

9. Fracora Collagen

Price: P1495 90 capsules
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Fracora’s No.1 Collagen is finally completed in soft capsule type after 5 years! 10,000mg worth of Collagen in just 3 soft capsules daily! Super collagen care supplement for healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin. Fracora Collagen has Nanotechnology providing complete and uniform nutrient absorption and making supplements that pass through membranes directly into human cells. fast absorption to the body.

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