Best Guitar in the Philippines

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Buying your first guitar is not easy, especially when you did not know what specifications of a guitar you need. If you are a professional, intermediate, or a student who wants to discover this music world, this is my top list of the best guitar in the Philippines that you can buy online. [Top 8 Best Guitar In the Philippines]

Top 8 Best Guitar In the Philippines

1. Cort AD810/E Guitar

Cort acoustic series is one of the most powerful guitars that are valued for money. The Cort AD810 guitar is very affordable but offers good overall solid performance especially for beginners.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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Cort AD810 specifications

Dreadnought Body, Spruce Top, African Mahogany, Coated Strings, 20 Frets

If you want your guitar to have an EQ/Tuner built-in, you can buy the AD810E model that has the  Cort CE304T pre-amp installed. Cort brand is one of the largest guitar manufacturing companies in the world and produces many instruments for other companies.

2. Clifton Guitar

This acoustic guitar are bringing you the Filipino vibes. Clifton is one of the top sales acoustic guitar brands online. They have a famous line which is the “No Frills, Just Tone” indicating the high quality and the best craftsmanship of their guitars.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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Clifton  CG-30e Specifications

Top: Brazillian Mahogany, Back Side: Brazillian Mahogany, But and Daddle: Clfiton XBone, Bridge and Fretboard: Rosewood, Logo: Laser Engraved, Size: Dreadnought, Pickups: Clifton Resonance Pickups

3. Fender CD60 Guitar

Fender’s high-quality acoustic guitar. Fender CD60 is available for dreadnought body shape and cutaway body type with electrics. You can select with a natural color design or mahogany finished.

The Fender CD60 definitely one of the best sounding guitars. Its laminate body offers a deep and fairly rich tone when strummed and has an electrical device that can be tweaked once plugged.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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Fender CD60 Specifications

Laminated Spruce Top with Scalloped X-Bracing, Laminated Mahogany Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck with 20 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard, Rosewood Bridge with Compensated Saddle, Fender/Fishman Isys III System with Active On-Board Pre-Amp and Tuner

4. EPIPHONE Guitar

Build for the best quality for first time players and professionals. The DR-100 dreadnought is considered the classic shape type for all genres. A best selling dreadnought that has a balanced and powerful sound.

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best guitar in the philippines
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Epiphone DR-100 Specifications

Spruce Top, Mahogany Body, Okoume Neck, Dot inlay Fingerboard, Premium Machine Heads, Slim Tapered Neck

5. Yamaha F310 Guitar

A multi-award-winning Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. One of the most successful guitar in the world. The Yamaha F310 comfortable slim neck and slightly shorter scale length make the strings easier to play without compromising the sound of the instrument. Very powerful and impressive sound quality combined with durability and stability, dedicated to all professionals and students.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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Yamaha F310 Specifications

Finish: Gloss body/Matt neck, Overall length: 103 cm, Top: Spruce, Body: Various species of tonewoods, Fingerboard: Rosewood, Bridge: Rosewood, Colour: Natural

6. SQOE QTE Guitar

A guitar brand made in the Philippines. The SQOE design with unique and quality craftsmanship for the Filipinos musicians. SQOE guitars are very affordable and have a great quality tone.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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SQOE QTE Specifications:

Brand : QTE Size: 41’ inches, Wood top: Spruce Woodm, Wood Back and Sides: Mahogany, Fretboard: Rosewood, Trussrod: Yes

7. RJ Deluxe Guitar

For those who value the quality of fine Filipino craftsmanship, RJ Guitars is the obvious choice. RJ Guitars Another guitar brand made in the Philippines, It’s very affordable and lots of guitar features. This RJ deluxe has a built-in EQ with a digital tuner that fits your needs and budget.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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RJ Deluxe Specifications

Body: Linden, Sides: Linden, Back: Linden, Body Construction: Cutaway, Fretboard: Rosewood, Neck: Nato, +Truss Rod, +Built-in EQ with Digital Tuner, +Piezo Pickup

8. Django D&D Jr. Guitar

Django is an international guitar brand that supplies all over the world. This guitar brand has a unique design from the body to the neck compared to other well-known brands.

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Best Acoustic Guitar in the Philippines
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Django D&D Jr. Specifications

Size: 36″, Top: Spruce, Side & Back: Mahogany, Finger Board: Rosewood, Braceless semi-arched back, Pickup: Cherub, GT-2 Pre-amp with Tuner

What to look for on the acoustic guitar?

I know we have all different variants in terms of buying an acoustic guitar. But on this list, I’ll show you my very own conception when choosing an acoustic guitar.

1. Fret Length

The standard acoustic guitars have 19 frets. It’s always recommended to buy an acoustic guitar that has 20 frets. A guitar that has 20 to 21 frets is considered long while 18 to 17 is a short version. A longer version of the acoustic guitar has this bigger tone, while the short version has this precise intonation.

guitar fretboard

2. Coated Strings

One of the best guitar strings is the “coated” strings, this type of string will normally last about six to nine months without missing its original tone. Unlike the uncoated strings, it will just last about two to three months.

Coated strings are more expensive than other types of strings, but they can maintain their original tone over a longer period of time.

3. Dreadnought Body

Dreadnought referred to a large body type of a guitar. A bigger type of guitar that very good for strumming, because it can produce a louder and wider tone.

This Dreadnought classical guitar is the most popular type of guitar. It has this deeper bass response and giving you a good sound that is so loud and powerful.

4. Cutaway

The cutaway guitar is referred to as an acoustic guitar that has this “cut” below the body. This type of body design is intended to reach the upper frets much easier. If you often play guitar fingerstyle it’s better to have this “cutaway” guitar type. Cutaway acoustic guitars have this bright and heavy treble sound compared to non-cutaway guitars.

guitar cutaway mean

5. Spruce Top

There are so many different types of wood installed on guitar tops, like mahogany, maple, and rosewood. The most common one is “spruce” wood.

Spruce is more traditional and known for its pale color. The spruce top guitar produces clear and powerful tone quality compared to another type of wood like mahogany.

6. Pickguard

A piece of plastic placed in the body of the guitar to protect it from scratches. If you hardly strum your guitar and you always use a pick, better have a pickguard on your guitar.

Some of the acoustic guitars don’t have a built-in pickguard. But this pickguard can be installed, removed, or replaced with a new one.

guitar pickguard guitar pusher

7. Tuner

A digital device installed on the upper side of the guitar body, to tune your guitar much easier. If you have a struggle tuning your guitar, better have this attached to your guitar for better and accurate tuning. Most of the tuners can function with just a 9v battery installed inside.

8. Equalizer  (EQ)

Turn your acoustic guitar into an electric type of acoustic. Built-in EQ/Tuner on your guitar will the best choice to have. Most likely if you play for recordings or in some gatherings like churches and gigs.

Some guitars have this EQ/Tuner built-in, but it’s more expensive compared to the natural acoustic guitar.

guitar tuner equalizer

Final Thoughts

Buy the best guitar for yourself as a gift for your passion. Consider it as a treasure that you can build up with good memories and experiences. To be a musician does not just happen by any chance, but it is a gift from one of us. Start to develop your music skill and passion today with your lovable guitar. I hope you like my top list of the best guitar in the Philippines.