Best Mic for Streaming in the Philippines

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Good Day Streamers, Today we will list the best microphone you can have in your streaming setup. I know how important it is to have a good quality audio sound in our streams because this is how we communicate to our loyal viewers. Noise cancellation is the number feature we need to look at when buying a mic. I hope you will enjoy my Best Microphone for Streaming you can buy here in the Philippines.

1. VINOVO BM-800 Microphone

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BM800 Microphone is the choice for individuals who want less than a thousand pesos in a studio condenser microphone budget. It offers nearly everything you would like in your studio setup. The sound is selected without noise as the condenser microphone to avoid a broad range of background sounds. The frequency range of this microphone is suitable for all types of studio recordings. It’s also great for singing and playing instruments. The bass is well-balanced and produces a fantastic bass tone.

2. Fifine K669B Microphone

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K669B is an excellent microphone for beginners because it is plug-and-play, making it easier to use. For podcasts and game streams, the sound quality is adequate. Also suitable for voice recording, vlogs, ASMRs, and a variety of other applications. There is some background noise. However, the noise may be effectively reduced by utilizing the tools and settings of OBS. The structure is substantial, especially considering the price.

3. AK-5 Streaming Microphone

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This microphone can compete with the quality of other famous audio and microphone brands. This new upgraded version of the studio microphone is the most satisfactory solution for work-from-home setups and hectic activities in any video-cloud conferences or meetings and online gaming needs. This product is a must-have for anyone who likes to record, stream, create videos, etc. Surely worth purchasing!

4. AU-A04T Microphone

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This microphone model is an all-in-one streaming and podcasting solution that comes with everything you need to get started. Despite the lack of high-end features such as zero-latency monitoring, the microphone captures superb sounds at a reasonable price. This kit is a terrific value for new content creators who are willing to put in the effort to understand its quirks if you’re eager to put in the work to learn it. The Microphone Kit is a low-cost option that comes with everything you need to start sounding professional on your live stream as soon as you buy it in its current state.

5. Fifine F4 Microphone

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The microphone produces clear sound and is built to last despite its low price. This is one of the most excellent entry-level microphones available today. Unquestionably a must-have! It captures voice exceptionally accurately, even when you are not close to the subject. Aside from the fact that it performs smoothly, it appears to be of high quality. This device is highly recommended for students and teachers looking for a high-quality microphone for online schooling purposes. The gadget itself is plug-and-play, which makes it simple to use and set up.