TOP 10 Best Power Banks in the Philippines

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Because everything is done digitally, there is a growing demand for high-capacity power banks as the pandemic continues. Investing in a power bank could prevent your phone and other devices from dying too fast, allowing you to use them for more extended amounts of time throughout the day. Which power bank is the best in the Philippines, given the wide range of power banks available? We showcase the 10 Best Power Banks in the Philippines in our Best of Tech series, delivering quality suggestions depending on your budget and needs.

1. ROMOSS Sense 8 Plus 30000mAh Power Bank

ROMOSS is one of the most well-known brands in the Philippines. This globally recognized brand specializes in mobile device battery and charging solutions. On three sides, the ROMOSS Sense 8 Plus is finished in matte white with gray accents. A huge 30+ sign appears at the top, indicating the battery’s 30,000mAh capacity. Furthermore, the Sense 8 Plus model is one of their largest power banks, at 6.6 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and 1.3 inches thick—entirely it sits large, roughly the size of two large phones stacked on top of each other.

Given its size, the ROMOSS Sense 8 Plus is a surprisingly powerful power bank. This power bank is the perfect choice if you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, especially those with large batteries.

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2. TECLAST C30 Pro 30000 MAh Power Bank

A Chinese power bank brand called TECLAST delivers high-capacity power banks at inexpensive costs. It was founded in 1919 to develop and manufacture new high-quality digital items for clients worldwide. Like the ROMOSS Sense 8 Plus, the TECLAST C30 Pro is a 30,000mAh power bank with two USB outputs and three input ports (one two-way USB Type-C, one Lightning, and one micro-USB), allowing simultaneous charging. It also includes an 18W fast charging capacity, allowing you to quickly charge all of your devices as well as the power bank. We enjoy how it features an LED numeric digital display so you can check the battery level quickly!

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3. Royqueen RP501 80000mAh Power Bank

If 30000mAh is just not enough for you, the Royqueen RP501 has an 80000mAh battery! Not only does this vast power bank have four USB-A ports with 2.1-amp output, but it also has four charging cables built-in. While one USB-A cord is used to set the power bank, the other three can charge other devices, including Micro USB, USB-C, and Apple Lightning. Up to seven different devices can be charged at the same time! Furthermore, the built-in Micro USB, USB-C, and Apple Lightning connectors can all be used to charge this power bank.

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4. VEGER VP1115 10000mAh with Built-In Charging Cables

 The VEGER VP1115 is the best of the best. If you want a convenient power bank that won’t require you to bring several cords for your various gadgets. It has three built-in cables (Lightning, micro-USB, and type C), so it’s perfect for multiple charging! Furthermore, it has a built-in type A connector at the bottom of the power bank that allows it to recharge itself, eliminating the need to carry an extra charger with you. Furthermore, its enormous 10,000mAh battery capacity will enable you to charge several of your devices multiple times. The iPhone X will be set 2.5 times, the Galaxy S8 twice, and the iPad Mini once!

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5. BAVIN PC095 10000mAh Power Bank

There are wireless charging power banks on the market, so check out the BAVIN Wireless Power Bank if you’re tired of cables. It includes a 10,000mAh battery that can charge your iPhone three times and two USB ports, one with a 5V-2.1A output and the other with a micro-USB 5V-2.1A input.

The BAVIN wireless power bank contains a large coil in the center for fast charging and less transmission loss, resulting in higher charging efficiency. In addition to wireless charging, you can charge two phones at the same time if necessary. It also has a stylish design (available in black or white) with an LED display so you can see the battery level instantly.

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6. VEGER VP1048 Pocket Power Bank 10000mAh

The VP1048 Pocket Power Bank is another VEGER product. It’s about the size of a credit card, so it’s easy to slip into your pocket and carry around with you regularly. This power bank, despite its small size, should not be neglected. It comes with a charging adaptor and is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple goods. It also boasts a 10,000mAh battery capacity and fast-charging capabilities, so when it’s not in use, it won’t drain as quickly as other power banks. In terms of performance and physical design, the VEGER VP1048 power bank can’t be beaten.

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7. Yoobao H3 30000mAh Power Bank

Power banks with lamps are pretty important, especially during the typhoon season in the Philippines. They can be used as a power source for your devices and as a light source. This Yoobao H3 30000mAh with Ultra Bright Flashlight is the most excellent quick charging power bank with a flashlight. This high-capacity power bank includes a lamp as well as fast charging features. The capacity ensures that the battery in your laptop, tablet, or phone will last an extended period. The ultra-bright LED floodlights will also be there for you in the event of an emergency, such as a power outage!

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8. Rapoo S2002 20000mAh Power Bank

Rapoo is a company that makes wireless communication and standard technology items. It was founded in 2002. The Rapoo S2002 is the power bank for you if you’re looking for a high-capacity power bank that won’t break the bank. It includes a high-capacity 20000mAh power bank as well as a fast-charging lithium-polymer battery pack capable of charging your phone four times! It also has dual input and output slots and micro and Type-C USB ports and can simultaneously charge two devices.

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9. YOOBAO P10W 10000mAh Power Wizard Power Bank 

Recharging your phones is now both enjoyable and practical! There are numerous sleek and elegant power bank models on the market. Still, the unicorn, cat, and flamingo patterns by YOOBAO are our favorites. The P10W Power Wizard Power Bank is cute. Still, its 10000mAh capacity will deliver two total charges to an iPhone X, so if you run out of juice, pull out this palm-sized power bank and start charging. It even has a fast charge feature that allows you to charge the power bank twice as fast.

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10. Awei P48K 15000mAh 4-in-1 Power Bank 

In its class, the Awei P48K 15000mAh Power Bank is unique. It offers a feature that allows it to charge your phone on the move as a portable battery and act as a power adaptor if you forget to bring one with you. It also has two USB ports (type C and USB-A) and two built-in cables so that you can charge many gadgets at the same time. Best of all, it’s a 4-in-1 device that can be used as a power bank, plug wall charger, cable, and phone holder!

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Our list of the Top 10 Power Banks in the Philippines hopefully helps you choose the best power bank for your smartphone. Share this post about this if you find it helpful to your family and friends!