How to Apply for Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

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If you are wondering How to Apply for Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved. This is the best guide for your website AdSense approval. I will give my very own experience on how I managed to get approved by Google Adsense with a just 2-week old website and with only four (4) articles posted. 

1. Paid Domain and Web Hosting

Yes, you must have a non-hosted website. If you are using or other hosted websites, you must know to get your own paid domain name. If you apply for Google Adsense, you need to have a paid domain to get approved.

Paid domains are approved faster than the hosted websites. If you are using free hosted domains, you need to get a high volume of traffic or great content before google Adsense trusts your website.

It is easy for Google AdSense to trust your website if you own your domain name and hosting.

Buy a good and quality domain name.

What to consider getting a good domain name?

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid misleading domain names.
  • Buy .com or .net domains only.

Buy a WordPress Hosting.

If you already have a domain name, it’s time for WordPress hosting. You can start with just shared WordPress hosting, it can cost you only $5 a month. This is a very good price, especially for the new website.
For me, Dreamhost is the cheapest shared WordPress hosting, because they offer unlimited traffic to your website. 

2. Mobile Friendly Theme

Your website must have a good and mobile-friendly theme. If you can have a Premium theme then this is good, but this is just optional. This website only uses the free version theme of WordPress. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free version or a premium version, as long as it is easy to use and simple.

WordPress offers a lot of free mobile-friendly themes. You can select over 3000+ free templates on their database. Test your website on different mobile devices, then check if your website is looking good and working fine.

3. Write this certain pages.

You must included this kind of pages on your website and put it on the top or below menu, so they can easily find this pages when reviewing. 

  • About
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Copyright Notice
  • Disclaimer

These pages will help your website trust google Adsense easily. Especially on your about page, this will increase your website reputation. You can make this kind of page thru the help of text generators. For the privacy policy, you can just go here at

4. Good quality content

When I applied to google adsense, I just wrote and posted 4 articles.

My articles average just around 1000 words. If you can write at least 2000+ words, it’s very good. But make sure that the article has a piece of good quality information.

When writing an article make sure you put proper headings and paragraphs, especially on list items. Your content must have a proper and good text format.
Use a very good font that can easily be read like Roboto, Open Sans, or Helvetica.

Avoid putting too many images on your article that could overlay the content. Just put at least one image per section when necessary.

5. Setup XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps is used to make google search engine navigate your website, this can help the google adsense review your website easily.

You can install the Yoast SEO plugin to configure your XML. To check your XML Sitemaps, just add “/sitemaps.xml” in your domain and see if it’s working.

6. Connect with Google Search Console

After you enable the XML Sitemaps on your website, it’s time to set up Google Search Console.

Google Search Console helps us check if our website is being submitted or indexed. We can also check if our website is mobile friendly.

To check this. Go to the URL inspection and send the link of your article post.

As you can see, the report shows that my page are already submitted, indexed and is a mobile friendly.

If your website has already been indexed by the Google search engine, it can now be approved by Google Adsense faster.

If you see some pages or links that have errors on your website, you must repair them as soon as possible before applying to Google Adsense.

Google Adsense can detect possible errors like error page 404 on your website or possible broken links, which can make your Adsense application be denied easily.

7. Deploy Adsense Auto Ads.

Enable Adsense auto ads on your website, even though you don’t apply for the application yet. 

Just go to the auto ads section on your Google Adsense account then copy the code, and put it on your website. The reason for this is just to ping the google AdSense that your website is requesting for some ads when your website has new visitors.

Just leave the auto ads code and just wait until the google Adsense shows a message like this. “If you receive this kind of message, this is the right time to apply for google AdSense”.

Add your website URL on the ‘ADD WEBSITE’ section, then follow the next instructions. It can make your AdSense application be approved right away.

8. Connect with Google Analytic

Google Analytics is where we can see our website visitors in realtime. You must have good traffic and new visitors before google Adsense approve your website.

In my case, after I have reached 250 new visitors on my website, I tried to apply in Google Adsense. Then, before I reach 400 new visitors, google Adsense approved my application after 3 days.


Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your website. Just make sure your website is user-friendly, and where Google Adsense can trust. Apply now for Google Adsense and get approved for following these steps.