How to Boost Wifi Signal At Home?

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We are all struggle with our WiFi signal in our home and the most problems we encountered are we can’t connect to WiFi when we are too far from the router/modem or we are staying in our bedrooms. So today, I will give my idea on how to boost our WiFi signal at home and enjoy a fast internet connection without any problems. So without further ado, Let’s Go!

There are so many ways to solve this problem, and we will list all the possible scenarios, solutions, and alternatives to boost our WiFi signal at home. These steps are basics and easy to follow and we guarantee that you can see better results in your WiFi signals connections.

Install Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

This is the most recommended way to boost our Wifi signal at home. All we need is a Mesh Wi-Fi System, this device is enough to cover all areas in your home for better internet connectivity. We recommend this device if your house is very wide, especially if you have a 2nd floor or underground.

There are so many Mesh Wi-Fi system devices you can buy online, but I recommend buying TP-Link Deco E4 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System. This Mesh Wi-Fi System costs P5,500 with 3pcs of TP-Link Deco.

Check TP-LINK Mesh Wi-Fi System on Shopee

This device can cover up to 4000 Sqft and can connect with 100 devices with a 1200mbps WiFi strength signal strength. It is very easy to use and install, the only thing you need to do is to placed the devices in the corners of your home to maximize the Wi-Fi range connectivity.

If you want to check other Wi-Fi Home System brand/model alternatives you can check here.

Install Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you are on a budget, a Wifi range extender is good for you. The Home Wi-Fi System device (our first recommendation) is aimed to cover all household areas, but this WiFi range extender is only for the extension of the WiFi signal to specific areas. This WiFi range extender is okay if your area is not too wide and not too many people will connect to this device.

I suggested buying a TP-Link TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi Range Extender, this device costs around P600 pesos and it can help you to boost your WiFi Coverage. This device is plug-and-play, meaning it is easy to use and install.

Check TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender on Shopee

This device aims to extend and boost the range of your WiFi coverage and it can support up to 300mbps WiFi connection speed. This device also has a Tether app where you can manage and control your WiFi Extender settings with ease, you can check the product manual for other important details.

Install Direct Router Connection

Extending your WiFi range is not a bad idea, but there’s no better than a direct connection to a router. What I mean by this is we will extend the connectivity of our WiFi by installing another router and with a long LAN cable directly from our main. See the image below:

If you look closely at our TP-Link Router, you can see a RED cable on its back that is the LAN cable connected directly to our PLDT modem, the length of that cable is 5meters. By doing this, we install its own WiFi connection designated for that room, without any possible connection problem.

You can install up to 20meters of LAN cable without any problem directly to the main. You just need to buy a router and a LAN cable to set up this.

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