How to downgrade PLDT (DSL/FIBR) Plans

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If you are planning to downgrade your PLDT internet, just follow this guide for the downgrade of your PLDT plan.

Call the PLDT Hotline

You can call the PLDT Hotline 171 and follow the voice instructions to get connected to the support section. You can ask all your questions directly to the PLDT support, and I’m sure they can answer all your questions.

Check if you can downgrade your Plan

When downgrading your PLDT plan, check first if your desired new plan is possible in your area. For example, DSL to Fiber connection or better Fiber connection. Some areas weren’t allocated yet with the best fiber connection and other PLDT plans.

Or, if you want to downgrade in to lower cost of the type of a plan. You need to confirm it on the hotline support if your current plan can be downgraded.

Check your plan Lock-in period

Some plans have their own lock-in period during registration: 12 months, 24 months, or 36months depending on your plan. Downgrading a plan that has not completed the lock-in period will charge you additional fees. It’s about equal to the downgrade fee + 3-month monthly bill. So better check your PLDT plan if it’s no lock-in period.

Request for the Downgrade

If the downgrade is available, you can now go to the nearest PLDT office and request for a downgrade. Don’t forget to bring the last month PLDT plan bill for verifications. Expect a long queue for the transaction especially on weekends.

Or, you can request for the downgrade via PLDT hotline. You can call the hotline 171 and ask for the request about PLDT downgrade plan.

Check Downgrade Free / Charges

There are some additional fees when downgrading a plan like a service fee. If there’s a new device needed to install into your new plan, the charges will be reflected in the next bill. 

Look forward for the Installation

After submitting an application you need to wait a couple of weeks before the approval. PLDT representative, mostly PLDT technicians, will call you for the direct installation in your area.

Note: PLDT technicians are not allowed to accept payments, it must be done on the PLDT offices.

Some downgraded plan doesn’t need a new installation, instead, they just operate it in their main office. You will just receive a call from the PLDT that you have been downgraded or changed your plan successfully.

Test the Speed of the new Plan

Some of the new PLDT downgraded plans or changed plans experience an unstable connection. You just need to test it for about 24 hours and check if it is already good to go (you can check the speed of your internet on You can call the PLDT Hotline directly for more questions or concerns on your connectivity.

Check the changes of Monthly Bill

The charges of the new plan (if there are new devices needed to install or other fees upon installation) will be added on the 3rd-month bill, so you will be able to check the changes of the payment after 2 or 3 months.

Final Thoughts

Downgrading or changing your PLDT plans is not that difficult to do. If you think downgrading your PLDT plan will help or benefit your connectivity usage or will make you comfortable with their services, then it’s time to go to the nearest PLDT branch and process your applications.

To check the PLDT Terms and Conditions, go here at pldt website.