How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook?

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Good Day, Affiliate Marketers. Today, I would like to share with all of you how we can promote our affiliate links on Facebook. These basic steps are what I’m doing on my daily affiliate marketing, you can follow these good practices so you can boost your sales or conversions and received a high commission from now on.

*If you don’t still have an affiliate account, you can check this article for your account registration.

The Don’ts and Do’s of Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Don’t Spam your Affiliate Links on Facebook.

First of all, Facebook allows us to share our affiliate links, but we need to know that Facebook is very strict in terms of what we are sharing on their platform.

This means, If we make content properly and not spamming it, Facebook will not flag our account as spam.

Do time interval when posting Affiliate Links

Facebook will consider your post as spam if you share or post your affiliate links in a short period of time. Better do a time interval, my suggestion is to do one post every 3-5 minutes or you can do schedule posts all over of your content. This strategy will avoid bulk sharing on Facebook and this helps to avoid being flagged as spam.

Avoid Posting Blurry Images with your Affiliate Links

Sometimes, we forget to check the image we share with our affiliate links. The image must be of high quality, readable, and an eye-catcher. We need to have an image that design for better marketing, so we can achieve a high click rate to the affiliate links we share on Facebook.

As an affiliate marketer, I’ve used to edit/produced my own image for better advertising for the products I need to promote.

how to promote affiliate links on facebook

Don’t Over Explain the Products you Promote

I see so many mistakes affiliate marketers make, when they tried to post the product on Facebook, they write a very long caption that doesn’t make sense at all.

Users hate to read, so better improve your captions and make them short and simple. Focus on a caption that directs to the point and gives urgency to the potential customer.

Don’t Hide Your Affiliate Links within the Post

The common mistake that we tend to forget is, never, never put your affiliate links at the bottom of your caption or a post. Don’t just simply put your affiliate links inside the post, this is not right.

The good practice is to put the affiliate link after the 2nd or 3rd line of your post, so the potential customer can easily see the links and can click them instantly.

Where we Can Post our Affiliate Links on Facebook?

There are three (3) sections where we can posts/share our affiliate links on Facebook.

1. Facebook Profile

If we post about our affiliate links in our Facebook profile, our Facebook friends will be our market. If you have 5,000 maximum friends, this will be the potential organic reach for your products.

This is the best start to share your affiliate links on Facebook, share the idea of your products with your Facebook friends.

2. Facebook Page

This is a decent way to share our affiliate links. Facebook Page can deliver trust and authenticity to our potential customers. When we use Facebook Page to share our affiliate links, the target here is our Page followers, so it’s better to have lots of Facebook Page followers to improve organic reach for our product.

3. Facebook Groups

This is the best and easiest way to share our affiliate links, the target audience here is the members of a certain group. So, I will always recommend joining any group that has relation to the product you promote, this will help you to maximize your organic to potential customers.

Facebook Group has good post engagement when members what to comment and talk about the product you post or promote. This will help you to have a better connection to your customers and can build you a good reputation over time.

If you want Videos, You can visit My Youtube Channel: How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

how to promote affiliate links on facebook
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My Sample Affiliate Post in Facebook

how to promote affiliate links on facebook
This is my affiliate post about the power bank I promote on Facebook with a simple caption and my affiliate link. As you can see, the photo is very marketable and an eye-catcher.
how to promote affiliate links on facebook
This is the example of my Carousel Affiliate post. The good thing about Carousel is it’s very compiled and managed. You can click the image and will be directed to the affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

I know, we want to maximize our earnings online with this Affiliate Marketing. Facebook is not restricting our posts on their platform as long it is not spam. So, these are the best good practices to share our affiliate links on Facebook and increase our conversation rate. People want to spend their time on Facebook, so this is the best chance we can get to promote our products and reach the potential customer we always wanted.