How to Start a Pisonet Business in the Philippines?

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Are you thinking to start a pisonet business? Well, that’s a good idea. Pisonet Business is one of the easiest and cheapest businesses you can start in your area. Don’t know how to start?, this time, I will share my very own experience with building my first successful pisonet business. 

Things to consider before planning to start a Pisonet Business.

This is the first thing you need to check, if you can give fast and stable internet connection for your pisonet business. You must have unlimited data surfing that can reach up to 20mpbs like Fiber connection. 

You are not allowed to put pisonet business that has school establishments nearby.  Place your pisonet business atleast 500m away from school establishments. 

If you always experiencing power outage in your area, pisonet business are not good idea. You must have a stable supply of power to prolong your pisonet business and to maximize your full business income. 

1. How much capital do I need to start a pisonet business?

Pisonet package costs around 11,000 to 18,000 (This is based on the latest pisonet package with the latest pisonet peripherals). When buying pisonet package make sure it will not become obsolete after 2-3 years. Always buy for quality. 

What item to be checked before buying a pisonet package?
This is my list of what is the best pisonet package you can look to. 

  • Intel processor
    I always recommend Intel over AMD because I see much more quality on Intel processors but it much more expensive than AMD but it’s worth it. AMD pisonet package starts with 8,000 or much cheaper while Intel cost around 12,000+. 

    As a technician, I always encountered defect AMD units and not able to fix it while on Intel units I never encountered one. I have Intel computer that I’ve been using for 6 years now and still working. This is the reason I recommend Intel rather than AMD because of its durability.

  • Universal Coins Slot
    You must have the latest universal coins slot that accepts the old and new type of Philippine coins started from 1piso to 10piso denomination.

  • Monitor Screen Size
    Gamers love to play with big screen. Buy a pisonet package that has atleast 19 inch of Wide LED Monitor. Better choose LED monitor rather than LCD monitor because LED monitor consumed less power. Avoid buying square type monitors.

  • Complete Peripherals
    Always check the peripherals. When buying pisonet package it must have a complete set of keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset. Also check if it has added power supply inside (power supply use to control the power shortage to computer motherboards. Some pisonet packages does not include this, so better check it.) 

2. What is the best internet connection to apply?

Always go for Fiber connection. Fiber connection is the fastest internet connection nowadays. You can choose from different telecommunication in your area. 

I’m using PLDT 20mpbs Fiber speed in my pisonet business 1700php/month. This can handle up to 8 units of pisonet + some smartphones connected to wifi.

3. Do I need to have pisonet business permit?

Yes, you can get local business permit for your pisonet business. The cost of it is around 500-800pesos for the processing fee. Just go to your designated Brgy. Hall then asks about applying a permit for just a small pisonet business. 

My Experience

I started my pisonet business December 2018, with just 4 units.

My pisonet specification per unit: 

  • Intel i5 core processors
  • 8GB ram
  • 500GB Hard Disk
  • 1GB 64bit Video Card
  • 19” Wide LED Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset


  • Universal Coinslot
  • Dual Timer
  • 2 exhaust fan
  • Power supply

My Pisonet per unit Cost me: P12,500 included pisonet box and wirings. 

Monthly Income and Expenses Computation: 

  • PLDT Monthly Bill P1700/month
  • Electric Bill around P1000/month (estimation for 4 units)
  • P10 = 60minutes

Per unit Computation: 

On average one pisonet unit used 8hours per day * P10 per hour = P80 

P80 * 4 units = P320 per day * 7 days = P2240/week * 4 weeks = P8960/month 

Monthly Computation: 

P8960/month – PLDT Bill P1700/month – Electric Bill P1000/month = P6260/month 

I’m earning around P4000 – P6000 montlyfor just 4 units. Within a year, I can get back my capital and start expanding my pisonet business. 

In terms of money, any additional incomes are very good to have. This is what they called passive income; you have earned additional money without investing too much effort or time. 

Note: If you don’t have any idea about repairing or maintaining your pisonet business, you need to budget for a good and trusted computer technician. 

  • Repair and Maintenance Fees around P300-P500 per unit repaired.

I’m an experience computer technician, so I don’t have any expenses regarding about repair and maintenance. I just check and maintain my own pisonet business for better services. 

Final Thoughts

Starting any kind of business is a very good idea. Pisonet business is very good startup to expand your monthly earnings. Pisonet is very cheap compare to other businesses, easy to manage and high in demand. So better start the business and build your first pisonet business in your area.