How to Start Shopee Affiliate Program in the Philippines?

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Good Day, In this article I will try my best to give you my idea about Shopee Affiliate Program here in the Philippines. I will show you my step-by-step tutorials from registration to posting links and start earning from Shopee affiliate products. Without further ado, Let’s Go!

What is Shopee Affiliate Program?

Shopee has this Affiliate Program, where you can promote all the products available on the site and when you generate sales then you will be given a commission.

Sales will be tracked using an affiliate link, when your customer clicks your affiliate link and redirect to the Shopee app and buy some products, this is the time you will be given a commission.

How to Register on Shopee Affiliate Program?

First, we need to register to Involve Asia, this site handles Shopee affiliates and other online affiliate services.

Open the Registration Form and follow the step below so can create your account easily.

Step 1: Property Info

Property URL: Paste Your Facebook Page Copy Link/URL.
*if you don’t have a Page, you can create one or use your Facebook profile or group instead.
Name of Property: Any name you want.
Channel: Select > Content.
What is your Property about > Just explain all about your page.

Step 2: Property Category

Country: Select > Philippines
Type of advertiser: Select > Pay per sale
Property Category: Input what category of your Page. Ex: Technology
Traffic Acquisition Method: Select > Display Network, Lead Generation, and Network.
Ad Format: Select > Merchant Page, Text Links, Facebook Page.

Step 3: Premium Inventory

Just Click ‘NO‘then ‘Next‘.

Step 4: Personal Information

Just input your email and desire password. You can log in to your account immediately even your account is still in progress for approval. Just make sure you use a valid email address.

Step 5: Check your email to confirm your Registration

After the submission, double-check your email if you received a message from Involve Asia. This email is needed to confirm your account, so you can able to log in to the Involve Asia Dashboard. *If you can’t see the email, you can check it in the spam folder.

Apply for Shopee Affiliate Program

shopee affiliate program

If you already confirm your Involve Asia account, this is the time to login your account as ‘Advertiser’ here.

Note: Make sure your added property is approved, to check this go to Account Settings then Website Property, then check if you see Approve label beside your added property. If you still see Pending, you need to wait at least 48 hours, they will send you an email about the approval of your account.

Now, if you get your property approved, this is the time to apply to Shopee Affiliate Program.

On your dashboard, go to the top menu and select Partner then selects Advertiser Directory then you need to search or find Shopee and click Apply.

After you try to apply to Shopee Affiliate Program, there’s a form you need to fill up for you to get approved easily, please see the image below for your reference on how to fill up the application form.

shopee affiliate program

Now, if you already submitted you application for Shopee Affiliate Program, you need to wait another 48 hours for the approval. You will receive an email about of the status of you application.

For steps on how to promote and start earning after you get approved, better check my Youtube Channel about Affiliate Marketing guides.

shopee affiliate program
Youtube Channel: Ryanprovements

Final Thoughts

Shopee Affiliate Program is one of the best sources of income you can have, you just need to promote and share the products online with your affiliate links and if you can generate sales, you will be given a commission of up to 7% for every product. And as we know, in terms of online shopping Shopee is one of the best eCommerce sites today, and this is our best chance to be part of this affiliate program.