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Adulting also means getting insured. As one gets old, being financially stable is not just the goal but as financial and life advisers always say it is always best to be prepared for the future and one way to do that is getting insurance. Insurance can be in life, nonlife, health, and other specific insurances that you may need. There are a lot of insurances available in the market, one can also buy them on Shopee or Lazada though choices are just limited.

But the good news is, there’s this best and biggest online marketplace you can go to if you want to choose various insurance companies. Thanks to

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What is is an online marketplace where you can browse, choose, compare, analyze and buy different insurances that you need. This saves you time and energy from going to insurance agents and companies. This platform aspires to help each and every Filipino to get the insurance they need as quickly and easily as it should. It gives more knowledge to Filipinos on how to be properly insured.

Type of Insurance They Offer offers

1. Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance protects you from financial losses resulting from driving incidents, damage/loss caused by fire, theft, or natural calamities.

2. Health Insurance

Health insurance and services cover both your expected and unexpected healthcare expenses so you can get the medical help you need.

3. Life and Accident Insurance

Life and Accident insurance ensures you and your loved ones’ financial security in case of accidents that may result in injuries, disabilities, or death.

4. Covid-19 Related Insurance

Covid-19 insurance provides you coverage in the unfortunate event of confirmed infection and provides cash assistance for loss of life due to Covid-19 illness. Reliable Insurance Partners

This platform has partnerships with a lot of insurance companies that are known and well-trusted such as Sun Life, Malayan Insurance, Cocogen Insurance, and many many more. You can be able to see and compare different insurance policies across many insurance companies.


How to avail Insurance?

Here’s a sample walkthrough on how to avail insurance in

  1. Go to website and choose “Products“.
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2. For example, I am looking for Covid-19 insurance. Just click “See Products“.


3. You will be presented with available products for you to choose from, just click “View Details” to know more.

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4. Choose your desire plan and click “Get this Package“.

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5. You have to prepare any Government Issued ID and choose who you want to insure: Myself, My Child, My Spouse, My Parent, or My Sibling. Then, you would need to fill in the needed principal information and then click “Continue” below.

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6. Next is to enter Beneficiary information and Continue.

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7. In the Transaction Summary, enter AMPH as a referral code and click apply to support this page. 

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Then select your desired payment method. You can choose from over 28 payment options such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets (e.g. Gcash, Coinsph, and etc), online banking, and other payment centers (e.g. 7 Eleve, Cebuana, and etc.). Then, click “Proceed” and congratulations you are now insured. You will receive an email for acknowledgment receipts and other information from your insurance policy.

Key Features of

1. Kwik Assistant Tool (Get a Quote)

It is a feature where they assist you on what insurance you’re looking for and base on your budget capacity. They would ask what type of insurance you wanna check and provide some options with similar policies with what you’re looking for which you can compare also.

2. Instant Approval

As they seek to provide you with the easy and quick processing of availing insurance, approval of the application is made instant in a few steps as long as you meet the needed requirements.

3. Claims Assistance Team

You can chat with their customer representative from Monday to Sunday for any inquiries and there is also a specific team to assist you in processing your claiming settlements in different insurance companies.

4. Buy Insurance for Others

It is a feature where an OFW can buy insurance for their loved ones who are in the Philippines.

5. Affiliate Program

This platform also gives an opportunity for an extra additional income if you choose to become a member of their affiliate program. You will earn an income when you invite your family and friends to purchase insurance on this platform using your referral link/code.

Final Thoughts is definitely an amazing platform. As we do almost all of our purchases online, it is good to know that we have this platform where we can shop for the best insurance to protect us and our loved ones in the future at our convenient time and place. It is affordable, easy to apply, hassle-free, paperless, and very instant in approval. It is difficult to find a negative thing about this online marketplace. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Hoping that in the future there will be even more products to choose from and that more and more Filipinos will get insured. Don’t hesitate to visit their website because it is very user-friendly to navigate.