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My DeFi Pet is another “Player to Earn” game that is on craze right now here in the Philiipines. Some of us want to try this My DeFi Pet, it is because this is the best alternative to Axie Infinity. If you can’t afford to start with Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet game is worth trying for. So, today, I will try my best to answer the most common questions circulating online, like, how to buy DPET Token? and how to start My Defi Pet?. So, without further ado. Let’s Go!

What is My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is one of the CRYPTO GAME or what they called “PLAY TO EARN” games. A game that you can make money out of it with cryptocurrency. My DeFi Pet is when you breed, evolve, and battle your monsters with other online players. My DeFi Pet players love to collect unique or rare monsters throughout the game, the value of your assets will depend on their rarity.

How Much My DeFi Pet DPET Token Price

July 19, 2021. The price of My DeFi Pet coin or DPET Token right now is P340 or $6.79.

The price of DPET Token started escalating the first week of July, where the base price of DPET Token is only $0.79. But after 3 weeks, DPET Token is now $6.79, a $6 increase in a short period of time. Some predictions tell that DPET Token can go up to $20 or P1000 in many weeks from now.

My DeFi Pet official page posted about their first ONE MILLION DPET TOKEN purchased worldwide. For me, this is the best signal that tells us that this My DeFi Pet game is going huge.

What I need to Start in My DeFi Pet?


Yes, you only need to buy one egg and start incubating to evolve your monster. But regular players recommend investing with 4 or 5 eggs, so you can have more monsters in the field.

At least 4 monsters are needed to enter into PVP mode, where both online players will battle on the arena to earn more points and have rank.

How much My Defi Pet Egg Cost?

One EGG cost 3 DPET Token

So, let’s say. The price of DPET Token is $6.8 x 3 equals $20.4 or around P1,000 pesos for one egg. So the initial investment to start with My DeFi Pet is around P3,000 P5000 pesos for the 3 to 5 monsters pet.

But take note, some game features like breeding or buying some game assets can cost you another DPET Token. In short, you will expect to spend more DPET Token or invest more in the game.

P3,000 – P5000 is just a starting investment to start with My DeFi Pet.

How to Start playing My DeFi Pet?

  1. Go here:
  2. Find the “On BSC CHAIN” and click Connect. Metamask extension will popup and just click INSTALL.
    If the installation is successfull, refesh the mydefipet website then click Connect again. Now, the Metamask extension will auto pop up for setup configuration.
  3. On Metamask, just follow the instruction for you to create your account.
    Take note: Never share your SEED PHRASE, you need to secure that because that is one of your login credentials.
  4. After login, click ADD Tokens, then add the My DeFi Pet Token Address.
    You can find the My DeFi Pet Token address here
  5. Now, you can go back to and check if the connection is successfull.
    If your Metamask are already connected, the game browser will start loading for you. If still not connected, refrest the website and then click Connect.
  6. You need to have Binance account to buy DPET Token or other crypto wallet, you can register here for Binance account.
    You need some BNB on your binance. You can buy some on their website.
    (If you have Ethereum, you can use it instead of BNB. You can swap Ethereum to DPET instantly)
  7. Go to Pancakeswap website and click connect then select Metamask.
  8. In Pancakeswap, you need to make a swap. BNB to DPET.
  9. After you already converted your BNB to DPET, it’s time to buy the EGG on the game.
    Go back to, click Shop then buy the EGG.
    Metamask will popup to confirm the transaction.
  10. And that’s it. Now, you need to incubate the EGG to make it evolve to a living monster pet.

My DeFi Pet Gameplay Features

Below list are the main features you can find on My DeFi Pet world. Developers aiming to add more awesome features in the future to enhance playability.

  • Collect
    – New monster is born every hour, and bidding lasts for 24 hours.
  • Breed
    – You can create a new generation of monsters by breeding any two monsters.
  • Evolve
    – A monster has many stages of evolution depending on the Rarity. Evolution ensures cool new appearance and enhanced stats.
  • Seasons & Events
    – Collect and maxout Legendary monster to claim lucrative prizes.
  • Battle
    – Unique battle mode in next seasons & Win ultra-rare rewards.
  • Trading, Ranking & Social Features
    – Trade on Market place to boost your collection
    – Compete with friends and other players
    – Show off your pet army
    – Socialise in private chat and world channel

My DeFi Pet Maketplace

For now, My DeFi Pet doesn’t have its own marketplace, unlike Axie Infinity.

But don’t worry, you can still sell your game assets or DPET Token on Facebook Groups, where My DeFi Pet players start doing transactions manually.

For your information, My DeFi Pet is still in the Beta Phase state. Developers promised players to expect more features in the future include DPET Marketplace. If this will happen, the transactions will be automated like Axie Infinity and we can now start earning while playing.

My DeFi Pet App

Unfortunately, My DeFi Pet App is not available.

You can play My DeFi Pet with just your browser like Google Chrome. But, if you are using a mobile device, you can play it with Yandex Mobile Browser.

It is very difficult to set up the My DeFi Pet on mobile devices because you need to use and browser extension like Metamask to buy and send a DPET Token for your game. But, it is possible.

Developers promised to release the mobile version in the Second Quarter of 2022.

My DeFi Pet vs. Axie Infinity Comparison

The best comparison between these two Play to Earn games is the Marketplace. Axie Infinity has its own Marketplace, where there are at least 50,000 transactions every single day, while My DeFi Pet doesn’t have yet a Marketplace.

My DeFi Pet is still in Beta Phase, but many investors trust the game and hoping it can more valuable in the near future. If My DeFi Pet established its own Marketplace, it can be the next best Play to Earn game.


My DeFi Pet is like Farmville, where you can set a cage for your pets, plant some wheat and collect some coins. The longer you play the game, the more monsters you can breed and collect, while Axie infinitely is a Quest Adventure Gameplay, where you trained your pets to make it stronger and battling it to PVP to earn more points and rank.

Final Thoughts

Earning while playing is the best thing for us, I think this is the best source of income we can have and a great investment to start. For me, there’s nothing to worry about this kind of game, as long there are still players playing the game it can still be profitable for everyone. It’s not too late to start and invest but as we always said, that there is still no guarantee about this game, just invest what can you afford to lose and don’t forget to enjoy the process.