Ryzen 5 PC Build – Php25,000 Complete Setup

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Hello, Pinoy Gamers, We are here again for another Ryzen budget PC build. For today’s setup, we will be focusing on Ryzen 5 2400G processor and what can we build for this for the Php25,000 complete build? If you don’t still see my Ryzen P15k PC build, you can just check that later. But for now, let’s jump to our Ryzen 5 PC build setup. Let’s Go.

Ryzen Build Summary

*Click the text/image link to open the item on specific store. Prices may change in the future.

CPUAMD RYZEN 5 2400G₱7,499
MOBOGigabyte A520M-H₱3,899
StoragePNY SSD 120GB₱1,099
StorageWD 500GB HDD₱1,000
Power SupplyHYPER K 500W PSU₱1,871
MonitorNVISION 24″ MONITOR₱4,995
HeadsetFantech Gaming Headset1,000
Mouse KeyboardFantech Mouse & Keyboard1,000
Total:(excluding shipping)₱25,063

Can we run these Games?

*Results can vary in comparison to reality. Frames per second can vary because of differences in hardware and software environments.

Tested GamesAMD RYZEN 5 2400G
200+ FPS
80.6 FPS
56.7 FPS
GTA VUltra-High
53.1 FPS
NBA 2K20High
59.7 FPS
Average:127.69 FPS

Ryzen 5 Php25,000 PC Build

RYZEN 5 2400G Processor

ryzen 5 2400G pc build

I pick this powerful processor RYZEN 5 2400G for our build. This Ryzen 5 2400G has a 3.6GHz Clock speed that can be boosted up to 4.0GHz and has onboard graphics Radeon™ RX Vega 11 with 4 CPU Cores.

Gigabyte A520M-H Motherboard

ASUS EX-A320M Ryzen PC Build

This is the best partner for our Ryzen 5 processor, the A520M-H motherboard of Gigabyte. This A520M-H has a unique feature, it can give fast and smooth gameplay performance because of its very high-speed Gigabit LAN that priorities game applications.

Hyper X Fury 8GB RAM

PC Build Budget for PHP 15,000 Gaming Philippines

Ready for Ryzen and will seamlessly integrate with our AMD-based system. This Hyper X Fury DDR4 RAM has a speed of 2400MHz to 2666MHz with RGB lighting effects.

Western Digital 500 GB HDD

PC Build Budget for PHP 15,000 Gaming Philippines

For our storage, 500GB HDD is good for our files and at least 20 heavy games. Any HDD brand can do its job, but in this case, we select the Western Digital Blue 500GB HDD.


PC Build Budget for PHP 30,000

We just don’t forget the best storage we can have, the Solid State Drive (SSD). This drive is very fast on file transfer and has less chance our files will be corrupted. This SSD is the best to store the Windows OS files, so our PC build can boot fast in just a few seconds.

Nvision 24″ 75hz Monitor

ryzen 5

This is the cheapest and best monitor we can find. Nvision monitors are very good and durable. This 24″ wide monitor by Nvision has a 75hz refresh rate that can give a smooth gaming experience.

Inplay Meteor Case

inplay meteor case

Amazing Case by Inplay, This computer case has tempered glass, so you can easily see the inside components. This case supports up to eight RGB fans with proper cooling airflow.



This is True Rated 500W PSU by Hyper K with an 85% Efficiency of the typical load. This is one of the cheapest True Rated PSU you can buy. This is better compared with generic PSU because it has stable current performance and proper system cooling.

Gaming Headset

FANTECH HG15 Captain 7.1 Gaming Headset

Gaming Headsets that have RGB effects look so cool. This type of gaming headset can give you give better communication in your gameplay. It has great microphone output with noise reduction and with an ultra bass speaker sound.

Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

ryzen 5

This is a good and smooth type of gaming keyboard bundled with a gaming mouse. This is a mechanical type of keyboard that has an RGB lighting effect and the good thing about the gaming mouse is you can adjust its speed with just a middle mouse button.

Final Thoughts

I love this P25k PC setup because we handle to include the 24″ Wide monitor in our build. I know as a gamer, the bigger the monitor, the best gaming experience we can have. This is the best setup for low budget who wants to game and stream online. In the future, you can add a high-end GPU to this build if you want to do heavy games and do multi-tasking like ultra HD streaming. But overall, this PC build is so lit, I hope you like it.

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