[Solved] VGC Error 1: Incorrect Function (Riot VanGuard Service)

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Lately, I can’t run my game Valorant. There’s an error message saying “VANGUARD NOT INITIALIZED” when I trying to enter the game. At the first glance, I know I can easily fix it by enabling the VGC service but there’s another error that will show “ERROR 1: Incorrect Function”.

After hours of trying, I finally found the solution. *This said solution will work in all Windows OS Versions.

Solution ✓

  1. Uninstall VGC Service.
    Go to C:/Program Files/Riot Vanguard/vgc.exe and run the uninstaller.
    Just wait until the uninstallation is finalized.
  2. Open CMD as administrator
    Just type these commands below.
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    If it is successful, you can now restart your PC for the next step.
  3. Open Valorant Game.
    Let the game install its dependencies. Valorant will install the latest VGC service right now.
    After the installation, Valorant will recommend you restart your PC again.
  4. After the restart.
    Open RUN by pressing Windows Key + R
    then type services.msc
    Look for VGC service and set it to automatic and then restart again your PC.
  5. Now, open the Valorant
    Sometimes, it needs to scan and verify the files.
    When the game recommends you restart, just do it.
  6. And that’s it.
    The problem fixed and now you can play the game.
    If the error still persists, try to follow the steps again from the start.

For Windows 7 who encountered Valorant Error, you can check this article: [Solved] Can’t Install Riot VanGuard Windows 7 Update.

Final Thoughts

Valorant is a very nice game and they are trying to reduce the cheaters in the game by establishing this anti-cheat Vanguard service. Just follow the steps above and I will sure you this is a good fix. If this solution will not help you, better try to update your Windows OS version. Happy gaming.