USB Flash Drive Repair – SanDisk 453C98B37672

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Hello, Today we will try to repair some USB Flash Drive. In this repair, we will use the 32GB OTG Flash Drive that we bought in the LAZADA as an example (Flash ID code:  453C98B37672 – SanDisk). You can try it on your different types of USB drives and I hope this works for you.

USB Flash Drive Repair Tools

  1. CHIPGENIUS – This tool gives us the information details of the USB flash drive.
  2. MPtool FIRSTCHIP – This software fully flashes the drive to make it working again. This can help if your USB flash drives have issues like read-only, auto-runs, and security partitions.

Other Alternative Tools

If MPtool FIRSTCHIP can’t repair your USB flash drive, maybe because it has a different flash ID code. You can use the below tools if they can fix your drives.

  1. ChipsBank AP Tool
    Supported Part number CBM-2099S, 2099E, 2199, 2199A, 2199C, 2199S, 2199SC
  2. ALCOR Chipset Controller Tool
    Supported Part number: (AU6989SN-GTC, AU6989SN-GTB, AU6989SNL-B, AU6998S69N-GTAS \\ GTUN \\ AU6998SN \ AU6989SN, AU6998AN \ AU6989AN, AU6998N \ AU6989N, AU6998 \ AU6989, AU6915 \ AU6989L, AU6998NL \ AU6989NL, AU6990T \ AU6987T, AU6992 \ AU6985, AU6990 \ AU6987, AU6990AN \ AU6987AN, AU6986 \ AU6983, AU6985B, AU6987B, FC8508B, FC8708B, AU6984, AU6982, AU6980)

USB Flash Drive Repair Procedure

*Note: This procedure can wipe out all of your important files and cannot be recovered again.

  1. Open Chipgenius application to identify the FLASH ID code of our USB flash drive.
USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672

Tested on this Flash Drives:
SanDisk 32GB OTG Drive
Chipgenius Flash Drive Details:
FirstChip_MpTools FC1178 FC1179
VendorCo VID 048D
Flash ID 453C98B37672
Serial Number: 6017011125459701423
Controller Vendor: FirstChip
Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC
Flash ID code:  453C98B37672 – SanDisk – 1CE/Single Channel [TLC]

2. Open MPTool FIRSTSHIP application and just follow bellow steps:

USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672
This image is just a reference for this method. Make sure your Flash Drive appeared and detected by this tool.
If the password appeared, just leave it blank.
USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672
USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672
USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672
USB Flash Drive Repair - SanDisk 453C98B37672

Now, the settings are now already setup. You can now click the START to scan the drive and hoping it will fix you flash drive problem. The scan proceduce will takes time depends on the size of your drive.

This procedure works almost 95% of the time, if you can’t see any fix by this MPTools you can try other Flashing tools like Chipgenius and ALCOR.

Final Thoughts

There are so many fake flash drives you can buy online, and they are started showing problems and issues in long time use. This repair procedure will help you to recover your USB drive and make it work again but sorry to tell you that we can’t recover your important files after we flash the drive. I hope this procedure will fix your problems.