What is Home Buddies and How it Started?

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Staying at home and minimizing the mobility of people due to the Covid-19 pandemic has urged many people to do something out of it in order to be still productive despite the crisis. Going out for leisure activities, gathering, and eating out has never been good as before, so people are looking for other ways to enjoy and still treasure each day at home, limiting the physical activities.

The pandemic has evidently increased internet traffic. More people are spending more time on the internet, doing almost everything on the internet. Not just work stuff but as well as amusement stuff. Most people became more active in social media platforms documenting their everyday activities and achievements, such as home makeovers.


About Home Buddies

Home Buddies is a Filipino Facebook group community where people share home makeover stories. The members of the group who dubbed themselves “Kapitbahays” share their photos and stories of improving their homes in this time of the pandemic. Some are elegant and fancy, some are simple and minimalists. Many Kapitbahays also give tips and hacks for DIY makeovers in order to spend less. It also gives inspiration for everyone as they can solicit ideas with their Kapitbahays for the things they want to achieve with their humble homes.


This inspiring Facebook community was created by Frances Lim Cabatuando, who started from her Instagram account, Nobi Home, and the Minimalism Game she has joined wherein the one who declutters the most items wins. She created the group around September 2020. At first, members of the group were just for the players of the Minimalism Game. As the pandemic continues, compelling many people to be safe inside their homes, they joined and found this page very useful and inspiring as they recreate their homes to be more comfortable for them. 

According to the creator, Home Buddies resembles Pinterest where you can find ideas and inspirations in your renovation projects. However, on this page, photos and stories about redecorating or renovating that are posted are from real and recent homes in the Philippines and of Filipinos abroad. It is also very interactive as the creator facilitates #MondayMarket every Monday where the buy and sell of home-related things happens in the group. During the 18th of the month, she also hosts #FriendsgivingDay, where members can give some items that they don’t wanna use at all but could still be useful for others. Home Buddies also has “Budolletin Board”, where they give promos and discounts for items that might be useful for your home makeover projects. This board is updated monthly making it exciting to be budoled (lol). 

This community continues to grow not just because people can find more sustainable options for their homes and get away from stress and boredom, but also because they found an avenue to flex their humble homes that they worked so hard and in a beautiful DIY way. It also opens an opportunity for home enthusiasts to get connected, make friends, and explore and share bright minds.